Butcher Shop hand painted custom decorative tiles.

Tiles For Shops

Tiled surfaces are initially more expensive than some other wall coverings. However, they are more robust than paint and more washable than wallpaper. Custom decorative tiles present an excellent canvas to create atmosphere and present branding opportunities.

Butcher Shop Tile Panels

Above is a tile panel commission we carried out for a butcher shop, following a long held tradition of decorated tile panels in these spaces where hygiene and washability is essential.

Being a robust surface, designed for decorating, tiles were the obvious choice for this unusual commission (below).

Hand painted tile mural public places

Custom Decorative Tiles in Public Spaces

In Clink Street, London – site of the famous Police Station which gave rise to the expression “in Clink” for criminals who had been detained – a bare wall on a building was decorated with a tile panel depicting an original architect’s design for the building, artfully combining old, new and what might have been.

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