Tiles for cafes and restaurants.

We are often approached by businesses to provide bespoke tiles for public spaces such as shops, restaurants, hotels and cafes.  It makes sense. Tiling is a tough, hard-wearing, cleanable surface as well as being a beautiful potential branding or atmosphere-creating opportunity.

Wall tiles for restaurant in Jordan.

Big spaces require big areas of tiling and this can be a budget problem.  Where a repeated pattern is required, a combination of hand painting and then digital printing and/or screen printing can be the answer. Art on Tiles is experienced in creating the maximum impact within budget using a range of techniques as required. We can also source extra, plain quantities of the chosen background tile, getting it all delivered to site, with detailed fixing instructions, understanding how important it is to be delivering within your tight timescales so work and timetables can stay on track.

Hand painted tiles with digital and screen printing for restaurant in JordanHere are some projects we delivered for a UK-based architecture firm working for the Little Italy restaurant chain which was opening restaurants in Jordan. These tiled areas were produced to order urgently and shipped out to the Middle East as per the client’s requirements.

Wall tiles for restaurant.

Tile panel in Nandos restaurant

On the left is a panel we created for an architecture firm fitting out a new branch of the Brazilian Portuguese chicken restaurant, Nandos.

We appreciate the need to be accurate, timely and impeccable on quality and delivery with these complex time-critical projects. The Little Italy project was particularly challenging, with heavy and bulky materials needing to be shipped to the Middle East in time for contractors on site who were carrying out the fit out. All was done on time, on budget and to the optimum quality. Happy customers all round.

Bespoke tiles for cafes and restaurants.

Bespoke tiles for cafes and restaurants

To find inspiration, visit our gallery pages for bespoke tiles and use the buttons on the right to refine your search.  See other cafe, shop and restaurant projects we have carried out To discuss your project contact us. We would love to hear from you and are happy to advise and to provide quotes and samples.

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