This was a fascinating commission to complete.  We were given an architect's drawing of a rose window in a building set to be demolished and asked to recreate it as a hand painted tile mural for a shallow alcove in the wall of a nearby building in historic Clink Street, London - the very street, with a prison in it, that gave rise to the colloquial term for being in prison as being 'in the clink'.

5 Things You Should Know About Getting Your Tiles From Us:

  • All of our commissions are bespoke and created to order. We are happy to provide quotes without obligation.
  • We use a selection of 5" tiles which are exclusive to us and are available in a smooth or rustic finish with a cream or white glaze.
  • Prices for our digital print tiles range from £8 to £12 each and our custom hand painted tiles range from £17 to £30 each with an average cost of £22 each. Matching plain glazed tiles are £1.90 each and samples are available. Coloured plain glaze tiles are available.
  • We are also able to supply tiles of other shapes, sizes and finishes as required. We are happy to quote for painting on a tile of your choice.
  • There is NO VAT PAYABLE on our orders.

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