This is a panel of 5" tiles featuring Chinese goldfish.  We can't quite decide whether this should be in a kitchen or a bathroom.  Bathroom probably... but it's up to you.  Note that, rather than using the usual narrow border tiles, we have painted the borders onto the tiles themselves.  No reason, it's just another option to give you what you want and make the panel fit the space. The 35 tile panel as shown is 35" by 30".

5 things you should know about getting your tiles from us:

  • All of our commissions are bespoke and created to order. We are happy to provide quotes without obligation.
  • We use a selection of 5" tiles which are exclusive to us and are available in a smooth or rustic finish with a cream or white glaze.
  • Prices for our digitally printed tiles range from £8 to £12 each and our hand painted tiles range from £17 to £30 each with an average cost of £22 each. Matching plain glazed tiles are £1.90 each and samples are available. Coloured plain glaze tiles are available.
  • We are also able to supply tiles of other shapes, sizes and finishes as required. We are happy to quote for painting on a tile of your choice.
  • There is NO VAT PAYABLE on our orders.

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