A fun children's design for hand painted tiles in bathrooms.
A fun children’s design for hand painted tiles in bathrooms.

Things to consider when using bespoke hand painted tiles in bathrooms. There are a few issues, besides the hand painted design, that you need to bear in mind while picking bathroom tiles. At Art on Tiles we have decades of experience and can help ensure you get the result you want.

For example, think about how much water the tiles are going to be in contact with.  It is best to avoid using

hand painted tiles for bathrooms

a heavily crazed tile with a clear glaze in areas that will become saturated, for example inside a shower cubicle, as visible water marks may well develop. Whilst they will do no harm they look unsightly. You don’t have to use decorated tiles for the whole space as that can be expensive and visually overwhelming. Instead commission a design which draws attention to a focal point or use borders to define the space.

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