Tiles for swimming pools

An eye-catching tile mural in a pool surround is a popular way of providing decoration in a challenging atmosphere. Pool areas are damp and warm enough to cause problems with many conventional paint and fabric finishes.

Here an idyllic Caribbean scene lends warmth, fun and a visual focal point in the alcove of this pool surround in Sussex.

Below, a view of Lake Como on a large, tiled panel was used as a pool surround within a large plain tiled area.

Where areas are large and the cost of hand painting is prohibitive the solution is often to mix a hand painted panel with plain tiles, possibly with a decorated border. Art on Tiles is happy to supply matching plain tiles and/or to paint onto a tile of the client’s choice if this is suitable for refiring.

Another excellent solution for large scale projects is the

Hand painted tiles for swimming pools. Murals for pool surrounds on tiles.

Hand painted tiles for swimming pools. Murals for pool surrounds on tiles.

combination of hand painted art work. We can produce large quantities using digital printing technologies producing exceptional results, indistinguishable from the hand painted originals. We can combine screen printing with other decorative techniques to produce large areas of decorated tiling within reasonable budgets and timescales.

Check out our gallery of tiles, using the pointers on the right to refine your search.  Also, contact us to discuss your project. We are happy to provide advice, quotes and samples without obligation.