Hand Painted Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles to order

Here we have chosen some tile commissions that would work particularly well in a kitchen (in our view) but do also use the search options on the right to refine your search or see what else we have.  You will need to scroll down to see them all. If we haven't already painted it and posted it up on our website you might find the exact thing you are looking for on one of our Pinterest boards. Check out our 'Tiles for Kitchens'  Pinterest board too.

Tile mural of bayeux tapestry
Tile mural featuring Battle of Hastings
Tile mural above an aga
Rubens sketch used to inspire this tile mural
Oak tree on a delft tile mural
An oak tree transformed into a Delft tile panel
Basket of cherries tile mural
A dutch old-master style tile mural
A twenty tile mural
Majolica tile panel of Portuguese design
Portuguese 17th century tile mural design
Hand painted tiles mural black and white
Rubens sketch inspires tile mural